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Why Hiring a Wedding Planner is Good for Your Soul

Congratulations! You just said yes to a lifetime of LOVE and you couldn't be happier. This is the time to enjoy your engagement and start planning for your future together!


Whether you choose to enjoy a prolonged engagement before starting the wedding planning process, or you want to dive right in, hiring a wedding planner should always be on the top of your wedding “To Do” list.

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Time is of the Essence 

Have you ever spent hours aimlessly scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest trying to come up with inspiration or ideas for something as simple as choosing a nail design or Halloween costume? Now multiply that by 10000% when trying to come up with inspiration for your wedding.. just throw the whole phone away!


One of the top reasons couples choose to hire a wedding planner is to help them save precious time.

Most professional wedding planners have a network of vendors they prefer to work with, which helps save time when booking venues, entertainment, design, floral, catering, etc.

Communicating with vendors, working out logistics, creating a timeline, and working out contracts are just a few ways wedding planners are key in saving you time. So you can get back to reveling in engagement bliss, and let the professionals handle all the time-consuming tasks. Time is money after all (or so they say).  

 More Money, More Problems

We get it, you want your wedding day to be like a fairy tale you’ve been dreaming of since you were in first grade. However, your first-grade self had no bills, or responsibilities to worry about… having a pet pony, a castle, 50 princess dresses, and a spaceship all seemed like reasonable requests at the time.

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Your wedding planner is here to bring you back down to reality and KEEP YOU ON BUDGET. No one wants a wedding for the ages and then to be struggling to pay it off for the next 10 years.

As we mentioned earlier, time is money, so when working with your wedding planner not only will they be able to connect you with vendors to help save time and money, but they will also have other tips and tricks to help you stay on budget. For example; choosing to have your wedding on a weekday can save a lot of money when booking your venue, or repurposing your florals from your ceremony to be used during your reception can cut costs with floral/design.

A professional wedding planner will assist in bringing your vision to life, without breaking the bank.


A True Visionary

Speaking of vision, it’s time to dust off those screenshots and Pinterest pins! This is where your dreams become a reality!

Having a wedding planner on your side is where the true magic happens. Whether it’s a simple, quiet ceremony or a grand extravaganza your wedding planner is your go-to for connecting you with the perfect vendors to make your wildest dreams come true!

A wedding planner can utilize their expertise to not only bring the look and vision to life but also the feel you and your partner want to convey to your guests. Creating a “mood board” with a color palette, pictures, and even textures is one of the ways that will help keep everyone on the same page when bringing your vision to life.

When the big day arrives, your wedding planner will be the point of contact for your vendors. They will help with the finishing touches, and do a final walk-through to make sure the mood is set for your “I dos”. You will be able to enjoy your day stress-free while your planner handles all the final details.

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Stress Less, Love More

Are you having nightmares of your wedding vows being interrupted by a tornado? Or finding yourself struggling to focus on your everyday tasks because planning your wedding has taken over your life? This is where hiring a wedding planner truly takes the cake.

Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in a couple's life, A wedding planner's job is to help alleviate some of that stress by helping to set up meetings, working out logistics, creating a timeline, and working through any questions, concerns or problems that may arise.

On your wedding day, instead of worrying about all of the minor details, you will be able to focus on getting ready, enjoying your time with loved ones, and beginning your new life with your soul mate. Now that sounds like a dream come true!

Wedding Planners are the Real Deal!

Hiring a professional wedding planner will always be one of the best decisions when planning your special day. They can save you time, money, and peace of mind all while bringing your vision to life! What better way to kick off your new life than with an effortless wedding planning process !?

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